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A·B·D — clearing the clutter so you can teach

The A·B·D cloud-based system offers support for every teacher implementing standards-based instruction including the Common Core State Standards. Our tools are designed to help teachers save time and improve student learning achievement. The tools help teachers in their two major job areas: (a) preparation of aligned materials for classroom instruction, and (b) instruction conduct and management supported by student competency tracking.

As engineers,  we leave the methods of instruction - the pedagogy - to the teaching professional. We concentrate on maximizing student achievement through processes, knowledge and skill content, instructional materials, and fine-grained measurements and observations of student learning. We provide the cloud-based library and tools to efficiently build the content. We seed the libraries, but most of the content is built by teachers and shared in our professional social networking environment where groups are formed and collaboration is easy. 

A·B·D informs instruction to optimize teaching methods and materials to maximize student achievement. It does this by identifying student learning gaps. The gaps are revealed in real-time and are directly readable and actionable thanks to the system's capability to track learning at fine-grained content levels.

•  Derive teachable and measurable content from standards objectives

•  Assign target cognitive levels to content

•  Sequence content for scaffolded learning

•  Develop course, unit and lesson plans accurately aligned to standards

•  Maintain standards alignment with real-time feedback

• Form and join professional communities for sharing, collaboration and support

•  Build assessment items, assessments and rubrics accurately aligned to standards

•  Reverse engineer assessment items to identify content with cognitive levels

•  Manage and track student learning at teachable and measurable content levels

•  Share learning profiles with students and parents for engagement

Our value proposition is simple. We offer teachers an inexpensive tool that requires no installation and immediately helps them in their job while saving them time. It comes with the long term prospect of significantly raising student outcomes and gaining professional respect while working in a peer to peer environment of sharing, collaboration and mutual support.

The A·B·D system implements the tools and process automation support needed to fully implement the On-Grade Student Achievement Model. We designed the On-Grade Model first, then designed the A·B·D system for complete implementation of the model. For information about the model, visit the on-grade.org web site, home of the On-Grade Institute and the On-Grade Student Achievement Model.