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Like AP with Power Tools
Like AP courses, you choose how to teach the content topics, only we provide web-based tools to make it easier.

AP® Course Success Supports Our A·B·D System Approach

AP courses offer an example of how teachers can design and deliver instruction with consistent high student achievement – a model we build on in our system. What is significant about AP courses are their clearly defined learning objectives at the operational content level in the topic outlines. And, the AP course assessment domain is likewise specifically defined – there is no secret test content domain.

Our course guidelines are the essential equivalent of AP course topic outlines, the heart of the AP course definition. What AP does for their courses, we bring to all courses and all grades by empowering domain experts and teachers to work collaboratively to develop course guidelines using our web-based tools.

A·B·D Extensions Improve on AP Course Approach

Our course guidelines go beyond the AP course approach to benefit teachers in key ways:

  • Teachers can use our guidelines directly or as a baseline, or separately develop their own – teachers can retain complete independence and/or benefit from the work of others
  • Our guidelines will be developed by teachers and domain experts in a continuous process of design, sharing, reflection and updates
  • Every part of our guidelines are in a linked database that easily lets you retrieve related information and instantly verify alignment of your curriculum to the guidelines and/or the original standards
  • Our guidelines include a content cognitive level, instead of requiring interpretation; they provide scaffolded sequencing; and they provide the estimated time for teaching