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Align to Succeed
Accurate alignment to standards isn't  sufficient to assure good student outcomes, but it is a necessity.

The Foundational Requirement for Student Opportunity to Learn is Accurate Alignment of Instructional Materials  to Standards

Today's standards implementation process includes broadly independent build out of standards that results in low quality alignment and consequential low student performance as measured by state assessments.

It's obvious that a student who misses classes also misses an opportunity to learn. For this case we have traditional workarounds to correct the problem. But what happens if content that the standards intended to be taught never makes it into a lesson?

Chances are the teacher and the student would not notice the problem, but there is a consequence - gaps are formed. Maybe this content is the prior knowledge needed downstream. Now that incidental gap impedes learning.

There are plenty of other ways for gaps to form, but this missing content one is an alignment problem that has an easy fix.

It is widely agreed that taught curriculum alignment is critical for quality implementation of standards. The A·B·D system implements accurate standards alignment all the way through individual student learning.

System tools facilitate building out the course standards into teachable and measurable content with specific cognitive target levels as course scopes. The defined scopes are used to develop aligned curriculum materials which significantly intensify alignment quality from standards to taught curriculum.