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Details Illuminate the Big Picture
Collecting student achievement data against the fine-grained course content scope makes highly informative reports possible

A·B·D Class Learning Profile

Any group of students can be aggregated to provide an overview of learning progress. And any scope can be used as the baseline plan. Illustrated here is a whole class of students. Their demonstrated learning is being compared to the entire course content scope.

A class learning profile is a composite representation of student learning that includes all the enrolled students. The individual student records are used to create the composite using either average or median methods.

The A·B·D system can aggregate any group of student learning profiles to produce reports that inform instruction. The class rollup is one of the default groups a teacher has for convenience, but other groups can be defined and saved. Or, teachers can just check off students on a class roster for an ad hoc report.

The report illustrated is for an entire class and is using the planned course content scope as the baseline for comparison. We show just a partial report for two Kindergarten subjects.

The content items from the course scope are represented with the class learning achievement broken out into levels of achievement. All achievements are referenced to the planned cognitive level of the content item. At plan means students were tested or observed to have learning at or higher than the planned cognitive level. The counts in the achievement grid represent the number of students at that level. The “N/A” column represents the number of student where data is not available as would be the likely case if the content had not yet been taught.

The class report is for the teacher, not students or parents. It’s a report that informs general progress and uniformity of understanding. A class report run against the taught portion of the course content scope would clearly inform teachers about proceeding with the next unit or lesson versus giving more time to areas with widespread learning gaps. Having the fine-grained data makes these reports possible and will greatly enhance a teacher’s classroom efficiency and effectiveness.