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Teacher's A·B·D Impressions
We were pleased to hear the positive teacher feedback.
Listen for yourself.
We can't say it any better

Teacher Interview Illustrates A·B·D System Need and Potential

Greg is a high school ELA teacher. He wouldn't want any other job. Listen to his candid comments on A·B·D in the video clips below.

We've been working with teachers to understand the environment they work in, the challenges they face and the support systems they need. Tom Sundstrom, our President, sat down with Greg, a high school ELA teacher, in his classroom. We gave Greg an overview presentation of the A·B·D system and then asked him to give us his impressions.

The interview was video taped. We broke it into the sections that can be individually played using the links below. The answers are completely candid and unscripted.

Greg works in a high performing school - one of the best in the state. As the interview progressed, it became clear that even teachers in high performing schools are strapped for time and need better tools.

He left us with a final observation, "Teachers in high performing schools work as a team."

We are pleased that the A·B·D system promotes and sustains teamwork.

Part 1 - Time Saving Tools for Teachers

Part 2 - Teacher Sharing, Collaboration and Support

Part 3 - Reducing Teacher Accountability Pressure

Part 4 - Teaching with Alignment Confidence

Part 5 - Tracking and Managing Student Learning

Part 6 - Student Profiles for Communicating Progress

Part 7 - AP Course Structure Similarities to A·B·D

Part 8 - Immediate Help for Individual Teachers

Part 9 - More Time for Planning and Students