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Products & Services

Teachers Are the Primary A·B·D System Users

At launch, A·B·D will be a grassroots application for teachers working in any environment who want to improve student outcomes, are stressed by accountability measures, and are looking for ways to be effective and efficient with the little time they have.

The system is applicable to any teaching scenario from preschool through college. Teachers in any setting around the globe will find A·B·D beneficial. But our initial market focus will concentrate on U.S. preschool to grade 12. This is where there is a high need for education improvement and the conditions exist for a grassroots reform. Our teacher customers will be teachers motivated to improve student outcomes who seek out tools that are compatible with their environment and are affordable.

Additional Group Benefits — Colleagues, Departments, Schools & Districts

As teachers recommend A·B·D to friends and coworkers, we expect department use to emerge. This will be  facilitated by the group formation feature that easily creates groups to share and communicate with teachers you know and trust. Departmental use brings the benefit of vertical alignment. Departmental use will lead to whole-school adoption. Because of the initial teacher use, adoption will not be like top-down mandates, but simply as a facilitation that includes paying for A·B·D subscriptions. Schools and districts can further help teachers by building a shared library of materials and benefit from horizontal integration of the curriculum.

A·B·D System Availability

The A·B·D system is currently in production development. We plan to make the web-based system available to teachers and other education professionals by subscription as soon as possible.

Until then, we suggest visiting the on-grade.org web site, home of the On-Grade Institute and the On-Grade Student Achievement Model. The A·B·D system implements the tools and process automation support needed to fully implement the On-Grade Model. We designed the On-Grade Model first, then designed the A·B·D system for complete implementation of the model. Using the model without the A·B·D system is still beneficial for teachers and we encourage its early adoption.

Please return often to this page for updates on the availability of our products and services. If you would like to stay informed in real-time, send us an email and we will add you to our mailing list.