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Use the system tools to  operationalize standards, then easily develop instructional materials using your preferred teaching methods.

Quick Overview of A·B·D System Concepts

The A·B·D system features a shared library of content as the common denominator allowing course content scopes to be defined as the basis for tracking student learning alignment.

Maximized Potential of High Effect Factors for Learning Improvement

The A·B·D system implements a cloud-based system of tools for teachers to fully engage three research proven, high potential factors for improving education outcomes:

  1. Opportunity to learn
  2. Prior knowledge
  3. Alignment

Our A·B·D system solution incorporates our innovative method for maximizing these improvement factors plus significant additional process automation and support tools for teachers. It's a complete integrated solution for job efficiency and effectiveness – all without telling teaching professionals how to teach.

Powered by Innovation

A·B·D tools implement accurate standards alignment all the way through individual student learning. The system actively brings student learning into the alignment scheme. With A·B·D, student learning can be tracked and managed in real-time at fine grains of teachable and measurable content derived from standards. This approach directly connects and aligns individual student learning progress to the taught curriculum and the standards to drive improved student outcomes.

Two important A·B·D features operationalize this concept. First, system tools facilitate building out the course standards into teachable and measurable content with specific cognitive target levels as course scopes. The defined scopes are used to develop aligned curriculum materials which significantly intensify alignment quality from standards to taught curriculum.

Second, system tools enable teachers to track and manage individual student learning for each course scope content item. The tracking data is used to generate student learning profile reports that reveal learning gaps to inform instruction, motivate students, and engage parents. The fine-grained reports are directly readable and actionable.

This innovation is a significant improvement over today’s grade book-type tracking using summative letter grades or their numerical equivalents. The A·B·D system implements mechanisms that are fundamental to high student achievement while remaining independent of pedagogy or education models. It’s an engineered tool for education process management and a container for teachers’ education materials and student learning results.