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Students know exactly what is planned to be learned, the learning they have mastered, and what's next to be learned in real-time.

A kid’s-eye view of a new way to learn

Serious stuff 

Growing up is a vital trip. We’ve all made it – some more, some less – and it can be a rocky road. With a little common sense, and an intelligently crafted, teacher-, parent-, kid- and computer-driven plan, we can make it a journey of joy. Yes, we can send our kids out into that challenging world with the skills, knowledge and character they’ll need to live good lives. In fact, this is serious stuff. Tomorrow hangs upon it.

But before they can go that distance, they’re going to need some major downloads. The system that manages those downloads is called school, and it’s high time we brought school into the 21st century. And it’s time for us, with our A·B·D (Aligned·By·Design) system , to fill you in on our breakthrough way to do it. Jump in, the water’s fine.

Since school is all about kids, what better way to show how A·B·D works than from a student’s perspective? Leaf through three days in a Grade 10 student’s life to discover how the system links teachers, students and parents together in one user-friendly, collaborative network.

Lonnie Gregory, 15, is a bit of a nerd who sticks mostly to himself, except for a small nucleus of friends. He gets good grades, plays saxophone in the high school band, gets along with his folks, and has high hopes for his future. Follow the fictional Lonnie as he narrates three scenes from school. Just click on the links below. 

The first scenario tells about the introduction of A·B·D on the first day of school.

The second scenario is a typical school day.

The third scenario shows preparation for exams as the school term winds to a close.

What matters is that students learn the planned content, not how much time they spend in a classroom seat. With complete transparency of purpose and progress, the system empowers students to do their best, collaborate with peers and help others. Want to know more? It's all here. Click on the menu items and dig as deep as you like. Want even more? Send us an email.