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Unique Teacher Support Elements
Course Content Guidelines are key to developing quality standards-aligned instruction.
Student Learning Profiles are key to minimizing learning gaps.

A·B·D System Overview

Five functional modules centered on knowledge and skills form the integrated A·B·D system. All elements of education practice are integrated with links to knowledge and skills as a common denominator.

Our system can be used by teachers from planning to instruction and remediation through reflection. The system imports and links standards, frameworks, and assessments to knowledge and skill items, as a one-time operation for everyone’s shared use. Tools are provided for developing course unit and lesson plans, which can also be shared, and for tracking and managing student learning.

The major inputs and outputs of the A·B·D system are illustrated. The system provides complete support for teachers including student learning profiles that inform instruction, motivate students and engage parents. It's all enabled by using fine-grained content at the teachable and measureable level that is direct reading and actionable.