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Making Teacher's Jobs Easier
Our powerful tools and shared libraries are compatible with all teaching methods and venues.

A·B·D is a Teacher's Tool Designed for Ease of Use & Efficiency

Making Sense Out Of Standards – Teachers Doing The Definition Work and Sharing with All Teachers: To enable achievement of high student outcomes, the CCSS intended content must be clearly defined for teaching and learning and be perfectly aligned with high stakes assessments. The aligned and sequenced content items are organized in course content guidelines that reflect the optimal learning sequences and with suggested classroom time allocations for learning at the specified cognitive level.

Simplified Work of Producing Instructional Materials: Teachers use the course core content guidelines directly or with customizations to easily build aligned lesson plans and use the supplemental information in the system’s knowledge and skill library as a resource for both lesson development and classroom delivery. Every teacher’s job will become easier and more productive by sharing or eliminating the difficult and frustrating work of breaking down the standards and the need to teach to the test. Consequently, there will be more time for teachers to develop high-quality lesson plans and concentrate on performing the professional job for which they were trained and certified.

Teacher Autonomy Preserved: With this system, teacher autonomy is preserved where it counts – the pedagogics. Splitting the term “curriculum” into its two logical parts – “what” to teach and “how” to teach - is a way for teachers to achieve high student outcomes while using the teaching methods they choose. While our system preserves autonomy, collaboration is encouraged and made possible using familiar social network paradigms, implemented in a professional and secure environment. Every user will be assigned a private work space and can choose to share documents. In addition, professional community groups can be formed with controlled membership and a shared group work space.

Achieving Accurately Aligned Classroom Curriculum by Design: The system provides the automation tools to efficiently and effectively produce classroom instructional materials and teacher administered assessments that are perfectly aligned to the core standards at fine grained, operational levels, using a shared content library.

Compatibility by Design: The system is 100% compatible with all current initiatives, can be used with any teaching method, and is applicable to all teaching environments including public, charter, private and homeschooling.