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Quality Standards Implementation
Our tools enable high student performance by operationalizing the standards and managing each bit of content to the end - student learning.

A·B·D Provides a Complete System of Teacher Support Tools

The A·B·D system provides complete teacher support. Teacher support is provided in four key areas using the operational content as the unit of measure.

Our customers are teachers with their students and parents. Our teachers work in all settings using any pedagogy. Our innovation powers the A·B·D system that is designed for teachers. We empower teachers to succeed in their jobs by addressing critical needs that all translate to improving student outcomes.

  1. Teachers are strapped for time. We offer efficiency in both instruction preparation and classroom learning management.

  2. Teachers work in schools that are producing unacceptable 40-43% college and career readiness outcomes. We offer full engagement of research-identified factors with high effect size including alignment, opportunity to learn and prior knowledge to enable significant improvement.

  3. Teachers work in isolated classrooms. We provide a professional social networking community complete with groups for sharing, collaborating, being supported and supporting on a peer basis – all on their terms.

  4. Teachers’ jobs are at stake with new accountability measures. We offer tools to improve student outcomes. Student success leads to teacher success and satisfying the policy requirements.

  5. Teachers need to keep students working at their full potential. We help to motivate students by making the learning objectives perfectly clear against their achievement to easily customize plans for students that optimize their time.

  6. Teachers need to engage parents in the education process. We provide parents with the clear picture of course objectives versus their child’s achievement in directly readable and actionable terms to encourage communications and enable parents to actually participate in the process.

  7. Teachers need access to their tools and data in multiple places in addition to the classroom. We deliver tools and information through the Internet with ubiquitous access and no installation requirements – just browse to the web site from any location using any machine, logon and work.

  8. Teachers want respect and professional stature from communities. We empower teachers to significantly improve student outcomes, the foundational requirement for achieving and sustaining respect.