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Meet the Challenge
Use the system tools to  save time, get accurate alignment and improve student outcomes.

Teachers Face Significant Challenges in Today's Environment

Today's standards implementation process with broadly independent standards build-out is made unduly complicated by mountains of materials teachers presumably should use. But, teachers don't have time to digest all the materials and none are certified as complete or accurately standards-aligned.

We can help teachers to survive and succeed in today’s education environment. We make it easier for teachers to meet increasing demands for student achievement improvement and satisfy top-down oversight. Until now, there was little that actually made it easier for teachers to succeed at the classroom operational level.

In today’s model, it is eventually teachers who determine how standards are translated into an operational level for instruction. The illustration depicts this flawed process that includes the independent translation of standards into high stakes assessments. This politically acceptable approach is technically infeasible for achieving high student outcomes. There are too many independent operations, too many uncertified resources, and teachers have a very limited amount of time to perform this complex work.

With our sharing features and ready access libraries, teachers can leverage the work of colleagues; reduce their own workload while improving instruction and continuously improving student outcomes. And by using our tools to develop a course outline with the standards-derived content allocated to units and lessons, the work of actually developing full lessons can be done in a just-in-time mode with confidence that it will be a coherent course. It's like having blueprints for a house that will be built over a 180 day period.

This is the tool every professional teacher needs!